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Churchill and Cuomo Examples of Great Leadership

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

I was reading the Philadelphia Citizen newsfeed when I was struck by two articles. I will send out the second article tomorrow to keep this short. First, in Larry Platt’s article, he recommended Erik Larson’s book on the life of Winston Churchill during the blitz as a great read at this particular time of crisis with Covid-19.

I mentioned Larson’s book in an earlier post. Platt’s article centered on how great leaders such as Churchill and Andrew Cuomo are able to use language effectively. It was Cuomo who said, “My mother is not expendable. ” Cuomo balances human life with the scientific knowledge that would point to approaches to deal with Covid-19. Platt went on to quote President Kennedy, “Churchill mobilized the English language and took it into war.” Churchill’s memorable words spoke to challenges and hope.

They underscore that powerful words are just as important for all of us in this time of quarantine. When I read Churchill’s words to the English people during the blitz, I feel as though I could take on anything. Google those words and see what I mean.

Words matter. As Sartre, the existentialist philosopher, put it in his play, “No Exit”, we can lift up and tear down with words. He used the expression that “heaven and hell are (the words spoken by) the others”. What power! What responsibility! The author of the Gospel of John, the last gospel written, must have had his world and ours in mind when he began with, “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God.” John 1:1-3.

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