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  • Reverend James Squire

Cross of Fire

I have just finished watching Cross of Fire which is streaming on Tubi TV. Just get the app, download, and view for free. This movie should be watched by everyone in America. The film was done in 1989. It is the story in 1925 when David Stephenson was the most powerful man in Indiana. He owned politicians, up to and including the governor. He was the Head of the KKK. He could send hundreds of hooded Klansmen marching through the streets. He could have a man beaten up or disappear. He raped women and got away with it. Except for once…

This is a true story. You will see footage of the Klan’s March on Washington that is chilling. It is about the dangers of white supremacy, but it is about so much more. You can make connections to what is going on in the politics of our nation today. It speaks to the power of the press instead of seeing it as “fake news” that is necessary for a democracy to function. It contains the way Stephenson used intimidation and shows how he is the coward that he had always been. It displays the cowardice of groups to act against Stephenson.

There is a courtroom scene that will hold you on the edge of your seat. This film will give you real history that will help you to understand what is happening today. I don’t believe you can watch it without being compelled to seek justice. The truth will make you uncomfortable. It is rated PG. It will remind you that history can repeat itself unless we protect our freedom and stand up against lies and injustice each and every day. It is a documentation of ethics in action describing those two pillars of ethics, Love and Justice.

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