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I Got This! The Eagles


Many of us watched an awful game of football when our Eagles played the 49ers on Sunday Night. There was one bright spot in the whole competition when Dom DiSandro was part of an altercation between Dre Greenlaw and Devonta Smith. Greenlaw body slammed Smith right in front of DiSandro who is Head of Security for the Eagles. The two players started jawing at each other until DiSandro put his hand on Greenlaw’s shoulder when he got between the two players. Greenlaw then reached out and his hand touched DiSandro on the nose. The Head of Security stood his ground. It was a natural reflex that he knows well. Greenlaw has a reputation for body slamming players and was ejected from the game. In the interest of fairness, DiSandro was ejected as well. Not many people outside of the Eagles Organization had even heard of Dom DiSandro. Now he can’t buy a beer or a steak sandwich in Philly. Other fans will buy it for him. He has reached legendary status. He is a hero to many and the Eagles are quick to tell you that.


There was a great article on Dom DiSandro online, and I will quote some of his leadership and his character that means that he is one of the most important people in the organization.


Lane Johnson said, “Really any bind that I’ve ever been in, the first guy to be there for the highs and lows is Dom.” Johnson confided all of his mental health struggles. Dom also brought Lane Johnson back to Philly when he left the team. He uses his connections to serve the best interests of the franchise. One of Dom’s coaches said his title should be “Head of Psychology.”


A former coach said he has the pulse of not just the team but the entire franchise and understands the dynamics. Coach Kelly said, “He’s got a unique gift. His loyalty to individuals, to everybody – sometimes it hard because different sides and different factions. Dom’s sort of like Switzerland because he is neutral in everything. Dom can talk players off the ledges or he can encourage guys, motivate guys bring out the discipline, he can do that, as well. He doesn’t burn bridges as he keeps in touch with past Eagles’ coaches.


People say that DiSandro creates a family in the organization. He is seen as the “chief resident of the psyche.” He has been with the Eagles for twenty-five years. The only person that he is responsible to is Jeffrey Laurie, the owner of the team.


On one occasion DiSandro held up the plane for an hour that the Eagles were taking to a game so that then offensive guard, Mathis, could to be present at the birth of his child. Dom held up the plane, the baby was delivered, and Dom and Mathis arrived at the plane which then took off.


Jeffrey Laurie trusts Don DiSandro with his life. Nobody knows the stuff that DiSandro does behind the scenes. He wouldn’t sit for an interview after the altercation involving Smith and Greenlaw. He didn’t want the attention.


When I read about Dom DiSandro, his actions put words to paper for a job description for others including Chaplains at Episcopal Schools and those who are responsible for the caring dimension of their organizations as well as leadership to shape the culture of those organizations.


One of Dom’s favorite phrases is “I got this!” I have a different version of this phrase that others pointed out to me including some of the readers of my blogs. It was “I will take care of it!” The world would be a better place if people understood a secret to success. “There is no limit to how successful you and your organization can be if you don’t need to take the credit.” Dom DiSandro is the epitome of that. That is why so many people come to him for help. He can be trusted! It is why fans say he will never pay for another beer or cheesesteak in Philly. He is a former lineman who still fills up a space. It’s only one reason that he is Head of Security, and that by far is his least important role with twenty- five years with the Eagles.


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