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If I Can Help You In Any Way, Give Me A Call

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

The Biden and Harris Inauguration was a highpoint in our country’s history after four years of a constant series of low points under Donald Trump. I am biased in many ways about today’s transition to a new way forward for our country.

I have witnessed many inaugurations, but I cannot think of any that were more faith centered than this one based in President Biden’s strong faith. It began last night with prayers, silent and spoken, as we looked over the flags on the mall honoring the 400,000 victims of the Covid-19 disease. A prayer was said and Amazing Grace sung. This is the first time that the nation came together in prayer about those who died in the Pandemic.

400 lights shined in the darkness. There was no complaint about crowd size as we had at the inauguration of Donald Trump. It began a period time lasting through today where the emphasis was on “we”. “We the People” was very much front and center throughout these last twenty-four hours.

Today at the Inauguration we began with a prayer and concluded with one that touched on our hope and faith in God as we move to a new tomorrow. The patriotic music moved us to tears. President Biden’s address was perfect because, among other things, it was authentic. All the issues and pain covered, the path ahead laid out as hard, and hope and faith proclaimed to assist us all in moving forward. The word, united, was found throughout. The young poet laureate’s words were stirring.

There were Episcopal Academy connections present today. One of our alumni, Fran Person, worked with Joe Biden for years as an aid. Joe Biden’s brother, Jim, is an EA past parent. I called Jim the morning that Beau Biden died. I asked him to communicate the prayers of our school to Joe and his family which he assured me he would do. Jim’s children, Caroline and Jamie, are graduates of our school.

Joe Biden never changes in the places you don’t want him to change. He welcomes change in areas where we do have a fervent desire for change. I asked him and Republican Senator Arlen Spector to speak in chapel years ago about what was needed in Washington to improve communication and avoid never ending gridlock. Both responded by the need to work together and to be united in causes that would lead our country forward on the moral course of social justice and peace. Senator Biden said, “It may sound simple, but nobody goes out to dinner together anymore. We see each other as politicians and not as people.” That will be the change that we will look forward to seeing in the next four years.

I got a glimpse of Jamie leaving the inauguration stage with the rest of the family. Jamie Biden and I spoke a few weeks ago by phone. When we finished talking about the business at hand, we concluded the call by him saying something to me that I always say to my former students, but he beat me to the proverbial punch so to speak. He said, “Reverend Squire, if I can help you in any way, give me a call.”

I think those words, “If I can help you in any way, give me a call.’, may be the very heart beat of his uncle, the now President of the United States.

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