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  • Reverend James Squire

Joy and Self Reflection in the time of Covid.

The following are themes covered in my book, The Times Of My Life .( They may help you redeem your time during this period when we are in isolation because of Covid-19.

GRIT: Pat Chambers is mentioned in the book. He is a graduate of the Episcopal Academy where I was Head Chaplain. Pat is the coach of the Penn State Basketball Team. His team was to be part of March Madness. Pat is quoted in the press as saying, “It’s a great reminder that nothing is guaranteed, not tomorrow, not an hour from now, not the NCAA Tournament, not the selection show. But there are so many lessons to be learned here.” Then referring to a 2002 incident in center city Philadelphia, he added, “Look I was stabbed and I think I could have been dead, and I was given a second chance. So there are blessings, there are rebirths from tragedies and setbacks.”

Pat and I remember the period of time after he was assaulted like it was yesterday. The Chambers family, the school community, his basketball mentors, Jay Wright, Dan Dougherty, and Herb McGee, supported him. He is now one of ten semifinalists for the Naismith Coach of the Year award. We have stayed in touch even as recent as today.

POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY: College professors at Harvard and Yale have taught courses on this topic. These courses have the largest class enrollments in the history of those schools. I taught that subject in my Ethics Course at EA. Why did these colleges have record number of students sign up for this course? You can find out why if you go online to and register for a free course, The Science of Well-Being, being offered through Yale University.

OUR FOXHOLE: Our relationship with God involves the same kind of communication that we have with family and friends. Consider an adage, “there are no atheists in foxholes.” We are in one right now. Prayer is communication with God. Talk to Him/Her more. Practice mindfulness and meditation. Read scripture.

A MOVIE: Watch A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. Discover how someone becomes a hero.

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