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  • Reverend James Squire

Rock, Paper,Scissors

I think that the childhood game of Rock, Paper, Scissors is a game that most children have played. It is also a great metaphor for life, choices, winning, losing, and total unpredictability which life is for most of us.

You remember it! It is a hand game best played between two people. At the count of three, each player puts out a hand in one of three positions. Palm up and out flat represents a piece of paper. A closed fist represents a rock. Second and third fingers extended represents scissors. Paper covers rock, rock breaks scissors, scissors cuts paper. At the count of three each player puts out a hand in one of those three positions.

It’s a game that happens quickly much like life itself. It is difficult at winning over a long period of time. Winning and losing occur quite frequently much like we experience good days and bad days.

It’s one of the simple games to play and is available to all. There are no tournaments that I have ever heard of basically because it seems so random when we play it. One moment we are up and the next minute we are down.

There is nothing glamorous about this game either. You will never see it in the flashes of neon signs in a casino. You don’t need money to play it. Rich and poor have an equal opportunity to win.

You can be young or old. Sexual orientation or race doesn’t influence who and how someone will win.

You can’t win just by just repeating the same hand gesture. You have to change it hoping that the odds will be in your favor.

Rocks Paper, Scissors contains a lot of justice and looks like a model for a level playing field, but we know that life is filled with injustice. But it also emphasizes that choice is still in our control.

What makes It fun! You get to choose and the freedom to choose is everything that we all desire. Ethics can be defined by one word, choice! It’s a gift never to be taken for granted!

A tale is told of an old man who lived a quiet life in a simple cottage, until one day his village was overrun by Nazi occupation forces. A storm trooper dragged the old man out into the street and told him, “From now on, you will let me live in your house, and every day you will serve my meals, make my bed and shine my boots. Otherwise, I will kill you. Will you do as you’re told?” The old man did not answer.

The storm trooper took over the cottage and the helpless old man served him his meals every day, made his bed, and shined his boots. For two years he obeyed every order with one exception – he would not say a word,

Then one day, the allied armies liberated the village. As they dragged the storm trooper from the cottage, the old man took a deep breath and finally answered the question: “No!”

Rock, Paper, Scissors A game of choice! Life Ethics

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