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Trump Should Know the Importance of Location

Since Trump is a real estate guy, he should know the importance about the value of location. It is something that he should have learned from his one-time unpaid lawyer, Rudy Guiliani, who got his location of the Four Seasons Hotel wrong and did his address on behalf of Trump at a press conference at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping Company to update people on Trump’s progress on getting the last election overturned. He did it in front of some garage doors in a parking lot.

The story of Trump’s address to union workers at the same time as the recent Republican Debate has not gotten enough coverage in the news for it speaks to part of his “how low can you go” actions in his efforts to win election as President. It doesn’t match those remarks made recently about top United States General Mark Milley who he said should die for being in touch with Milley’s opposite number in the Chinese government to communicate that they had nothing to fear from the United States as we were stable again after January 6. Trump has also called our troops “losers.” But Trump’s words to the union workers were important because it revealed everything that you need to know about him and the working class.

I was wondering who would come from the union movement to gather to support him after he stiffed so many union and non-union workers on his building sites. When challenged by the workers, the little people in his mind, he told them to sue, and he would hold them up in court forever. However, I got my answer to his addressing the union workers.

Trump did not speak on Wednesday night to a roomful of striking Detroit union workers as advertised. In fact, he didn’t speak in Detroit. He spoke at a small non-union shop where he bashed the UAW. His PR people clung to the position that he was speaking to union workers until it was discovered that he didn’t do that. His handlers had indicated that he would deliver a “primetime speech before current and former union members.” In fact, a few days later the press got hold of the truth, not as in Truth Social. They interviewed people in the crowd which numbered about 500 and found that most were not nor ever had been union workers in the past. They were carrying signs given to them by the Trump campaign to wave “Union Workers for Trump.” No one knows how much they were paid if anything.

A photographer took a picture of the event, and before the charade could be noted, Trump had it up on his TRUTH SOCIAL media platform. It was also discovered that Trump was disinvited to the picket line by the President of the UAW.

This is Trump in a nutshell. His base needs to pay attention to how the union workers feel about Trump and Biden. That could be the cause of Trump’s demise. Location is important. Biden knows this enough to make a major address after his time on the picket line. First, when someone like your surgeon tells you that you are the only one to have a particular problem after a procedure, you are not going to feel great. Likewise, when Biden was told that he was the only President to ever march on a picket line, I am sure that the President had misgivings. He did it for a reason that was clearly articulated in his address. Simply put, extreme times require you to break the rules and address the extremists. We are fighting for our Democracy by the people and for the people and not an oligarchy of the few ruled over by a revenge seeking President who in the words of the members of the House of Representatives indicated that “Trump wants to burn the house down.” Trump wants an impeachment trial. He gets the House to yield to his bidding. Trump wants the government to fail to pass a budget and the radical right Maga do his bidding again.

Once a union guy always a union guy. I still have my union badge in the top drawer of my dresser so I have a dog in this fight. (Full disclosure: As I have indicated in past blogs, when my father had a crippling stroke when I was in tenth grade that meant he couldn’t work for a year, his union paid us 60 percent of his small salary as a meat cutter. Food was scarce but it kept us alive for a year. He retired early. A union made it possible for me to work harder than I thought I would ever be able to work in a ten-hours shift in terrible conditions, but I made a great amount of money to pay for college and other expenses. In essence I wouldn’t be writing this blog from where I am now if it weren’t for a union. I wouldn’t have had the wonderful life of agony and ecstasy that I have lived. That badge you see at the top of this blog was my entrance into my first union job.)

Location is important which means that justice must prevail if we are to be a Democracy. Justice is at the heart of political ethics. This means that Trump’s next location should be a place where he will be issued an orange jumpsuit. It would be an ethical location for him, but since I firmly believe that people don’t wake up in the morning with the thought about how can I make my life and the lives of others around me miserable. Unfortunately, no matter how many books are written that analyze Trump, the answer isn’t there. I wish I knew how he turned out how he did. What or who would have transformed him from broken into more whole? Where was the grace in his life to offer him redemption? No one should be happy about his fate.

Take a short period of time to view the video below to see and listen to General Mark Milley’s words and be reminded of Trump’s words as Coward in Chief. Keep in mind how another leader, the President of the UAW, refused to have him speak to union workers.

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