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  • Reverend James Squire

“You Shall Reap What You Sow”

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

President Trump has been infected by the Covid 19 Virus. This is an example of the biblical truth that “you shall reap what you sow.” (Galations 6:7). The President has downplayed the virus’ seriousness since it was discovered here in our country. There is something else happening here that also needs to be addressed and we can do so through the ethical system of Utilitarianism. The guiding principle for this system is “the greatest good for the greatest number in my group”.

This means that you must first identify your group. If either the Democrats or Republicans see their political party as their primary group and not the nation, then they will make decisions that are in keeping with their political party and not with what is best for the nation. It is not just the greatest number. It is the greatest number in your identified group. Of course, either political party would argue that what they are doing in their party is the best thing for the nation. Party first. Nation second.

President Trump’s primary group, in my opinion, is his base! Something extraordinary happened yesterday when he required two secret service agents to drive him around to communicate that he was strong. He would say that he did this to keep people from panicking. The car was not only bullet proof but also protected the riders from outside chemical attacks. It was sealed. The agents had their masks on, but all the air had to be circulated within the car putting them in danger. They had no other protection. His base thought it was terrific, but doctors and other secret service agents thought that it was a horrible PR piece like holding the Bible up in front of a church a few weeks ago. He infected many at the Rose Garden announcement of his supreme court nominee. No one wore masks including the President of Notre Dame who contracted the disease and apologized for his lack of discretion at the event. What kind of modeling was that for his students at that great university! He also possibly infected President Biden and the group of financial supporters at his New Jersey golf club.

There has been double talk about when he was infected. The “drive through” yesterday was so reckless for those two agents and people they possibly will infect. The White House has no tracing ability as that would be a contradiction to Trump’s message downplaying the virus. Even the governor of Ohio who was with Trump was not contacted. He didn’t seem happy about that! The PR event leads to one horrific truth. President Trump is a group of one. What matters is what matters to him which has been an often-mentioned point. But there was something about yesterday and those secret service agents put in harm’s way on purpose that has put a period at the end of the sentence of who he really values.

It is said that the difference between a politician and a patriot is that a politician only cares about himself and his or her party while a patriot always puts the national interest first. We had better get back to sending patriots to Washington. It strikes me that the politicians are destroying our nation that was built by patriots. What does patriotism look like today? It looks like people wearing masks, social distancing, and employing good hand washing techniques.

Those actions which protects others from us is the very definition of a patriotic act! No wonder President Trump didn’t want to wear a mask and claimed it was just being politically correct.

There is another biblical statement that introduces “you shall reap what you sow.” We can’t leave it out. “Do not deceive. God is not mocked.” Deception and mocking others! Do those two words remind you of anyone?

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Dec 22, 2020

“What does patriotism look like today? It looks like people wearing masks, social distancing, and employing good hand washing techniques.” Dear God mate no that’s what brainwashing looks like. My God you Americans haven’t a shred idea what freedom is, do you. Patriotism looks like resisting lockdowns and revolting against the ones who haven’t missed a single paycheck but are forcing you to miss yours. Patriotism looks like taking back your mind, thinking for yourself, and revolting against the ones who control your mind with 1984-groupthink and censorship. Patriotism looks like fighting the psychological warfare and resisting ideological subversion which has been the well-known foreign strategy for American take-over for the last few decades, into which you’re ignorantly buying while…

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