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  • Reverend James Squire

A Journal For Jordan

I watched the recently released movie, A Journal for Jordan, which is in both the theaters and streaming. I watched it because my son, Spencer, had been cast by Denzel Washington to be it. He is in the opening scene but a lot of him is on the cutting room floor. Ironically, it is what he is currently doing in New York with Abandoned, the movie that he directed and is now going through the editing process.

But I got a bit more than I bargained for when I viewed the movie. I knew that it was a true story and had something to do with a soldier writing a journal to his son. I texted him after the final credits to tell him how proud I was that he was part of such a patriotic film.

It is really about the incredible price that our people in the military have paid to keep our democracy alive and thriving. I was watching two movies at once. The one in front of me on the screen and one that passes for patriotism from a good many politicians in Washington, most notably the former president and his allies. They don’t want to discover the proof of what went on during that fateful day, January 6. It was like political partisan whiplash to watch a movie about a real patriot and the patriot want-a-bees. Remember the bone spurs? The cost paid by our military as seen in the facts of one soldier and his family was juxtaposed with the experience of the conspiracy theories, lies, and fund raising by each ally of Trump. Each is trying to raise more money than the other by attempting to achieve a more outrageous act to draw attention to themselves. It was like running your finger nails over a chalkboard.

What passes as a politician today for Trump and his allies pales when in comparison to such as recently deceased John McCain, Bob Dole, and Harry Reid. I think that Biden’s metaphor for Harry Reid is a fitting litmus test for the politicos. Are you a searchlight (guiding us forward) or a spotlight (wanting fame and fortune for yourself)? The film raises the question, “What have you sacrificed for our nation?

It is the true- life story of First Sergeant Charles Monroe King who writes a journal to his infant son while he is fighting in Iraq. it certainly depicts a searchlight for us in general and for his son in particular.

The movie, A Journal for Jordan, will do two things. It may make you angry at what passes as patriotism in Washington, DC and you may shed a tear. It reminded me that Denzel Washington is a thoughtful person who reflects on the meaning of a worthwhile life. One of the important observations that he made is: “Why do we close our eyes when we pray, cry, kiss, or dream? Because the most beautiful things in life are not seen but felt by the heart.” Our nation needs that awareness more than ever.” What an ethical perspective to see experiences around us in this view. It is certainly a searchlight.

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