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  • Reverend James Squire

Happy Thanksgiving and Lessons Learned

I saw a recent funny line that is not funny. It read, “Bring up politics at your Thanksgiving table with family members. After that you will have less Christmas presents to give.”

Tomorrow’s blog will give my opinion about the problem with the Hostage Crisis in the Israel and Hamas War as well as the enormous problems in our government particularly the

House of Representatives, and what I have learned from working with kids for 38 years that is a better and much needed way forward. A lot of truth can be learned from young people.

If you are looking for an important read during some of your downtime, read my favorite historian. Her new book is Heather Cox Richardson’s Democracy Awakening. She is an historian at Boston College. Language used is important. Yesterday, The Pope got into trouble when he met with families of the Israeli hostages and families of Palestinians who have endured this awful war when he mentioned two words in his address about the Middle East that are trigger points for Israel and Hamas, Genocide and Terrorism.

Today is family day. Enjoy it and give thanks for waking up every morning in America.

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