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Parable of the Light switch Part 2

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Photo by Steve Johnson

I am following up the parable of the light switch that I introduced in my last post. We constantly turned the switch on in the dark when there was no power during a recent storm. This habit is like any habit of the heart. It is fixed in us when it is done over and over. What brings the habit of turning on the switch to have light or goodness in our life is power. For me that power is Jesus. For you it may be something else. The important thing is for you to name it!

Second, this parable speaks loudly about how you view the way life is or reality. My initial response to damage after the storm was “Why me?”. This response leads to despair. But then I was reminded of a book title written by Gilda Radner, a comedian on Saturday Night Live, who was battling ovarian cancer. The title was “It is always something.” That view connects us to the way life really is and hope. I know that I am at my best when this attitude is front and center for my spiritual eye to see.

Being in the dark after the storm can leave you feeling isolated. Covid 19 did this as well for many. Make whatever effort is necessary to stay connected. I learned something important that I found in working with a large number of people over a lengthy period of time. There was research to support the importance of connection. Patricia Hersch wrote “A Tribe Apart”. She studied a group of 8 teenagers for 3 years and came up with an important finding that would apply to adults as well. If you have just one adult friend (ideally several) to talk to about a concern, you will be fine in navigating the seas of adolescence. It can be a parent, grandfather/grandmother, coach, teacher, et al. She didn’t emphasize adult connections, but I have seen a good number of peers can do this with a trusted adult(s) as well. If you are married, it could be your spouse. You have to have at least one.

Remember the ATT slogan that improved their marketing. “Reach out and touch someone!” It is a slogan that goes well with “It is always something.”

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