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  • Reverend James Squire

The Basics To Understanding Sexual Identity! What DeSantis Doesn't Know!

You can find thought provoking opinions about sexual identity. It is now a favorite topic of the right. I want to mention that there are a few things that are givens when discussing such topics regarding people who are part of groups that have been subjects in ethical conversations, and who believe in a perspective on sexual experience. They believe that there are identities beyond the titles of straight and gay as opposites on the spectrum.

The starting point for ethical discussion of sexual identities begins with the words, spectrum and preference. Simply put sexual orientation pivots on choice regarding your sexual orientation. If there is no choice, then it is not an ethical issue. We saw this years ago with the use of the word “preference” as opposed to “orientation.” Preference communicates that a person has a choice about his or her sexual orientation. Rosie O’Donnell, of all people, had perhaps the wisest words about sexual orientation when she said, “Who wakes up in the morning in our culture and proclaims, ‘I think I will be gay today! Nobody chooses the harder road!” At what age do you discover your sexual identity. There is no agreement on this because of identities being fluid.

I attended a workshop on human sexuality at a local psychiatric institute where the overriding theme was “sexuality exists on a spectrum.” On either end of the spectrum is homosexuality and heterosexuality but there is a good deal of sexual experience that falls in between. That truth has given rise to the various pronouns that you can use to express where you are on that spectrum.

Currently the issue of someone being transgender has been the focus of ethical conversation about sex. You can go online and read the classic arguments for and against this identity and when someone becomes aware of one’s gender. Suffice it to say, there is a lot of disagreement on the issue. This has been an issue that has gotten a representative of the house of representatives in Montana censured and removed from the courtroom as she has stood up for her transgender rights. It caused a stir when the Bud Company put a picture of a transgender Tik Tok star, Dylan Mulvaney, on their can of Bud Lite. Kid Rock, in an immature move, made a video where he got out his gun and shot a group of cans of Bud Lite to communicate how he felt about the issue. Two of Bud’s marketing executives were put on leave. Bud followed up the turmoil by putting up a patriotic ad. We have ethical issues with the people who are transgender.

There isn’t a good way to describe these views of sexuality on the spectrum because it is complex going beyond the biology of sexuality with just a consideration of genes and hormones.

The best way that I have seen to enter into the shoes of the various groups on the spectrum is to consider peoples’ handedness. It is when you are right-handed and forced to be left-handed or the reverse. Sure, you could change your hand to the less dominant. You usually know your dominant hand at an early age. However, ethicists and biologists agree that it is highly variable when you become aware that you are gay, transgender, or any other group of sexual identity. There is no set age. It is something that is discovered. It is not like there is an age range for puberty.

The irrational fear of many, however, is that a child’s sexual identity can be caused by cultural forces. Hence, all the controversy around the “you can’t say gay” law in Florida and some other state curriculums. It is as though anything outside of yourself is contagious influencing your sexual identity.

The only ethical question that should be considered has nothing to do with outside forces determining who you are or your biology, It is the question, “Is your sexual identity a choice?” If it is not, it is not up for ethical consideration if the answer is “no.” It would be like you are six feet tall, and somebody says to you, “Well, you shouldn’t be that hall. You should be five feet tall.” That should be the first question that is raised because whenever you have choices or no choice, you have ethics.

I wonder if Kid Rock could understand that reality? He should stick with his day job as a singer.

Recently Ron DeSantis was asked if he would join with those who don’t support drinking Bud lite because of their tradition of supporting people who are transgender. He was in full bully mode after his fight with Mickey Mouse and said with a smirk, “If I drank Bud Lite, I would join the protest, but I drink Guinness.” Although he is the classic know it all, what he didn’t know is that Guinness for the longest time has supported gay and transgender rights and withdrew their sponsorship of the St. Patrick’s Day Parades in New York and Boston when they banned gay and transgender people. Guinness supports equal rights and folks on the sexual identity spectrum.

I hope that someone has a camera when DeSantis finds out what he doesn’t know!

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